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Tolerance, peacefulness, solidarity and simplicity

are the hallmarks of Ibadism, the religious community of Islam in Oman, which more than 90 percent of the indigenous Arab population belongs too and which is neither Sunni nor the Shia and differs significantly from these beliefs.

The exhibition “Islam in Oman”

was developed by the Omani "Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs" under the minister and scholar Shaikh Abdullah al-Salimi.

Shaikh Abdullah al-Salimi, who was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz (German Order of Merit) in 2014, is also one of the initiators and founders of GUTech, the German Technical University in Muscat.

The exhibition is shown in a wide range of countries in all continents. In Germany the presentation of the exhibition is always initiated by Dr. Mohammad al-Ma'amari, who studied in Tübingen and received his doctorate there. He is also a friend and member of the German Omani Association

The German - Omani Association recommends this exhibition, which is designed for the government of the Sultanate by the München based company Arabia Felix Synform GmbH.

With the support of the German-Omani Association, the exhibition was last shown in Neu-Ulm (2017) and Nürnberg (2018/9). In planning are exhibitions in Erlangen and Leipzig. More information about the project at