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Oman Salon Online with Ambassador Thomas F. Schneider, Muscat

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On November 15th, in the virtual matinee of the Oman Salon Online, the German Ambassador in Muscat, Thomas F. Schneider, spoke to and with our members. His talk named "From Qabus to Haitham - Continuity and Change in Oman". It was again an Oman Salon as one imagines it: instructive, versatile, entertaining and with stimulating conversations.

The forerunners were the "real" Oman Salons of the year 2019, which were previously held in Leipzig and which we have now successfully transferred into the digital format of the Oman Salon Online.

In the first Oman Salon Online at the beginning of October our member PD Dr. Thomas Schmidt-Lux spoke on "Current Discourses on Abandoned Mud-Brick Settlements in Oman".

Many members from Germany, Switzerland and Muscat took part in both Salons. The new format was unanimously welcomed. We will continue with next Oman Online Salons in January and March 2020.

Qaboos and Haitham on the monitor of an ATM, Photo © Wolfgang Zimmermann