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Oman Online Salons

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We have developed in the last eleven months with the OMAN ONLINE SALONs an interactive platform for communication and exchange with and between our members. This new format expands and supplements the newsletter and our website as information media for society.

The virtual meetings gave us all a lot of pleasure and new encounters and insights. Once again, I would like to thank all speakers. The diverse and encouraging feedback was very important for me. The decentralized communication structure of our Society has undoubtedly gained a new dimension.

With so far eight lectures since October 2020, our OMAN ONLINE SALON has "conquered" a valued and sought-after place in communication with our members. With this format we increased the information about Oman to German public.

The various topics on Oman and in its neighbouring countries cover a wide range of content. Together with our partner association, we offered also topics on the neighbouring country of Yemen.

Dr. Wolfgang Zimmermann