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Art scholarship awarded to the Omani artist Salim al-Masoudi for work in Leipzig

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Together with the Stal Galery Muscat, we have awarded our 2023 Art Scholarship to Emerging Artist laureate Salim al-Masoudi.

Salim will work for six weeks in his own studio at LIA - Leipzig International Art Program - in the former cotton mill. The cover picture of our entry shows his current work, which was created in Leipzig. Highlights of the scholarship are the work on an installation, an exhibition with a lecture, the exchange with artists of the Leipzig School and other international artists and scholarship holders of the City of Leipzig from their partnership programmes.

Salim’s artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Often referncing Arab history his work explores the varying relationships between popular cultur and fine art.

The artist Salim al-Masoudi with his Leipzig work of super-long dishdashas.
Salim and pictures at the Eigen & Art Galery.