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Student Exchange Muscat-Munich 2015

On 25.10.2015 the great Oman adventure began for 14 pupils of the SABEL schools Munich. After the usual formalities at the airport, they could look forward to a peaceful flight and a warm welcome in the evening in Muscat. On the arrival first gifts were distributed and the SABEL students were received with typical Arab hospitality.

The next day, the German delegation was solemnly welcomed on the part of the ABM school leaders, and at the same time the team was able to work on project learning. In doing so, German and Omani students had the task to work out the differences and similarities between the two countries and lead them into the form of a poster, in order to present it finally at the final project presentation.

The first days varied as a mixture of project learning, sports activities and excursions to the city's sights. Above all, the sporting activities showed how much fun can be created by mutual pleasure in physical and intercultural cooperation. In addition to the Bait Al Baranda Museum and the Grand Mosque, you could see how rich Oman is of cultural and architectural treasures. The mouths of German pupils stood wide open when entering the mosque, when the combination of calligraphies and the world's largest chandelier overwhelmed the senses.

On the sixth day we went to the interior. The first stop was in Nizwah, where the traditional Soukh was visited. After various shopping experiences there was a popular feast with traditional Omani dishes. Furthermore, the some centuries old Faladj systems were explored. The students were particularly amazed at the fact that these irrigation systems are still in use and functional. At the end of this daywas a spectacular view of the oasis of Misfat al Abriyeen. Tthe forest of palm trees that had the size of several football pitches was breathtaking, and at the same time a place of overnight accommodation in a nature-filled hotel. After enjoying excellent dinner and breakfast, the students were allowed to enjoy a guided hike through this oasis. All sorts of interesting things astonished the students as well as the setting of these extensive geography and history studies. At the final jump into the cool water they enjoyed the refreshment and at the same time took leave of this unique naturalness.

Afterwards we went to the desert - to the Wahiba Sands. On arrival at dusk, many did not yet know where they should be brought with numerous pickups and SUVs. At the bedu camp, however, it became clear to all students that the warmth and hospitality of the camp operators was an understatement of what is essential in the desert. The absolute silence at night with a wonderful stary sky - the moving dune landscape by day. So the program was like being painted for today's adventurous teenagers: Camel rides through the desert, followed by a jeep ride through the dunes. On the other hand, one was delighted by the endless expanses of the desert, as well as by the dexterity of the Bedouins, and by the speed of the modern ride through the desert. After an extended siesta under one of the few trees, the guests were awakened by a meal cooked by the Bedouins, thus strengthening the spectacular sunset, which made the modern youth a gathering of romantics and all the cameras documenting this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Back to Muscat one had the honor of attending as special guests the exhibition on cultural diversity and religious tolerance held for the first time in Oman. Here too, a lot of knowledge has been taught, which will accompany the German pupils for a lifetime.

On the other hand, the boat trip along the coast in front of Muscat also was unforgetable to all the participants. A large swarm of dolphins accompanied the group almost over the entire two hours. Especially Mr. Davulcu also flipped a flip at the boat, so he liked it "wwwwaaahhh hhhheeeeeeeeeee incredible unbelievable aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, followed by Schröder jjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaarezerwurschtel. An incomparable mixture of impressions at sea with a view of the desert rounded off this trip.

For the stomach, of course, there was a Persian buffet on the last evening and a video presentation by Mr. Hülser for the eyes. Doubtlessly both were enchanting. The applause and cheers on Mister Willis' successful work by the parents, teachers and students wittnessed their satisfactionfied with this culinary and visual experience.

Finally, there was an emotional farewell before the journey home and after night flight and one last time sleeping, the SABEL students were already back home in their loving parents arms.

Aydin Davulcu