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Student Exchange Muscat-Munch 2014

On 20.09.2014 it was finally time again: after a long time of waiting, the 12 Omani pupils and their companions could be received with great joy at the early Saturday morning by their host families at Munich Airport. We welcome our Omani friends from 20 September to 3 October 2014 and look forward to an exciting, eventful and exciting time!

Over the entire two weeks, the Omani and German students have worked together on a project, which was under the motto "same but different" and stressed the similarities and differences between Arab and German culture.

The preparations

Shortly before, the 6th grades of the Realschule set everything in motion to give the exchange students a warm welcome. Whether with chalk, acrylic or water colors, they conjured up true works of art, which they presented with a little pride after work - rightly as we find!

The program

As soon as they arrived and were accustomed to temperature differences, the Omani boys came to know the city of Munich and the Sabel Realschule. They went on a sightseeing tour, visited the Tierpark Hellabrunn, the Munich city center and the Allianz Arena. Also a round of Socca5 in the Olympiapark was on the program. The students even did a trip to Salzburg.

But without diligence no price: German-, English- and math-lessons can not be missed - but you can sing a song ;-)

And of course - as the boys were dressed in costume - a visit to the Oktoberfest can not be missed! After the TopSpin and the 5 loop, some of the Omani boys felt a bit queasy, but at the latest when visiting the shooting ranges all had a lot of fun.

In Mountaincamp Spitzing

The second day a weekend excursion to the Mountaincamp Spitzing took place. After the strenuous ascent, the students quickly made themselves comfortable at the warm camp fire. The view was sweating but worth it!

This is Oman

To enable the rest of the Sabel Realschule to participate in Arab culture, the Omani exchange students also invited students, teachers and tutors. The onslaught was huge and we learned a lot about Omani sights, traditional clay and braids as well as the use of rose water. It was exchanged excitedly and also one or the other gift changed the owner.

We would like to thank Abdulrahman with his wife, Sharifa and her son, who have made this exchange so exciting. Luckily, it is not so long until the newly won friends can see each other again. Because on October 25, 2015 it is said: Departure to Oman!