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Student Exchange Muscat - Munich 2011

June 19th, 2011; 06:15 am: Arrival at Munich Airport. 18 Omani students, aged between 14 and 17, leave the baggage claim area to stay with 18 German host families for a fortnight. Outside the airport a world is waiting that is most impressive for its weather...

It’s cold and rainy – wonderful! That’s how different perceptions can be. The Omanis really enjoyed the German weather.

Nevertheless, enthusiasm for mountaineering grew and half of the group climbed the Rotwandspitze with a height of nearly 1900 meters. A 14-year-old Omani asked his teacher: “Why has nobody shown us this beautiful place before?”

Do not miss the pdf-download of the report about this first visit of the 18 students and 2 teachers of the Ahmed bin Majid School to Munich SABEL School!

© all photos SABEL Schulen München