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Oman - tradition and nature of the legend in the Gulf from 2006 to 2008

On 18 November 2006 Mayor Dr. Eva Lohse opened the photo exhibition "The Sultanate of Oman: Tradition and Nature of the Legend on the Gulf" at the adult education institution (Volkshochschule, VHS) in Ludwigshafen, in the presence and with the greetings of HIs Excellence Khalifa Ali Al-Harthy, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman in Germany, and Mr. Friedhelm Jost, President of the German-Omani Association. The exhibition opening generated an overwhelming interest, attracting more than 300 visitors, and met with a very positive response.

Pictures by Omani photographers and information panels provide an insight into the beauty of the landscape, historic buildings, the history and development of Oman.

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Ludwigshafen was the first of 11 venues for this traveling exhibition sponsored by the German Omani Association, to the tune of €5,000. The project came to an end in May 2008 with an exhibition at the VHS Aachen. Each of the exhibitions have included a presentation by a member of the German Omani Association, Georg Popp, General Secretary or Alex Moll, Advisor for Culture. They produced this exhibition on behalf of Oman's Diwan of Royal Court.

The exhibition was shown:

18.11.-17.12.2006 VHS Ludwigshafen
03.01.-23.1.2007 PKC Freudental
26.02.-15.03.2007 VHS Böblingen
21.03.-29.04.2007 Internationales Zentrum der VHS, Duisburg
15.06.-08.07.2007 VHS Ludwigsburg
03.09.-23.9.2007 VHS Recklinghau
08.10.- 30.10.2007 VHS Solingen
25.11.-15.01.2008 Goethe Institut Hamburg
25.02.-26.03.2008 VHS Wismar
03.04.-27.04.2008 VHS Gießen
28.04.-10.05.2008 VHS Aachen

Approximately 30,000 visitors saw the exhibitions.

Media coverage of the exhibition included 18 newspaper articles, 2 radio reports, and 1 news story on a local television station.