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Start of the film trilogy "Sons of Sinbad"

Celebrated debut for "Monsoon Empire" at the College for Television and Film (HFF) Munich on 22 October 2016

Sindbad, the sailor, was probably Abu Ubayda Al Qassim in real life - and he sailed with a ship full of noble goods from Oman to China. The first part of the film trilogy "Sons of Sinbad", titled "Monsoon Empire" at the College of Television  and Film, whose premiere now had more than 300 guests - among them many Omanis, describes the adventures of an Omani trader in the eighth century on the maritime Silk Road and abroad. The Munich-based deMAX Film GmbH, Al Salmi Kulturstiftung, the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), and the German-Omani Association, were among the sponsors.

The trailer and short films about the making-of and the premiere as well as the movie can be found as a streaming offer are found under

For the first performance the visitors were welcomed with Omani dates and sweet Halwa - all seats of the Audimax of the university were quickly occupied when Georg Popp in German and Juma Al-Maskari in Arabic welcomed the guests. In addition to the director Friedrich Klütsch and assistant director Juma Al-Maskari, adviser for communication of the German-Omani society, the general secretary of the German-Omani Society belongs to the production team of the film. Popp pointed out the important role played by Omani diplomats in current peace-building activities in the Middle East. They were instrumental in the successful negotiations between the US and Iran in the nuclear conflict. "The ability to mediate between different cultures has developed throughout the country over many centuries," the Oman expert said, thus bridging the gap between history and film trilogy. He describes it as an attempt to bring Western and Eastern perspectives together into a new way of looking at history, with the aim of realizing "that all human beings, wherever they live and how they live, have very much in common."

The fact that it is part of the "Making of", to learn the proper binding of a turban and to take into consideration the prayer times of the crew, described director Friedrich Klütsch. He gave a charming insight into the genesis of the film, which included the digital reconstruction of a traditional sailing ship as well as the elaborate preparation of a medieval market for a scene that lasted only a few seconds.

An enthusiastic audience met with the production team at a subsequent reception in the foyer of the university. The guests included Prof. Michael Modigell, Rector of the German University of Technology and Dr. Hussein Al-Salmi, who represented the client of the film in personnel, the Al Salmi Library and the German University of Technology in Oman. In addition: the students of the Ahmed bin Majed School in Oman and the Munich Sabel School, together with the teachers and parents, who have been actively involved in the exchange for six years.