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Becoming a Member

The German-Omani Association is open to all who are interested in a peaceful understanding of tolerance and mutual respect. It sees itself as a non-partisan initiative, whose work is characterized by transparency and great participation possibilities of the members. The personalities representing the company are well-known experts in their fields, the members' spectrum is very broad.

The communication of the German-Omani Association is open and transparent. Outside of the annual members' meetings, members can contribute ideas and discussions at any time.

Members are regularly informed about the activities of the company through circular letters as well as our website, invited to events and informed about possibilities for cooperation. You can communicate directly with members of the board and the office via e-mail and telephone.

The self-understanding defined in the aims and purposes of the Association prohibits the inclusion of members with extremist political or religious attitudes or intentions directed against the work of society. There is therefore no right to membership.

Admission to the German-Omanische Association has to be applied for in writing.

Membership Application download

The Presidium of the Association decides about the admission of members.


The annual membership fee is:

€UR 75, - for individual members

€UR 50, - for pensioners

€UR 100, - for married couples (family)

€UR 300, - for company members

€UR 100, - for charitable foundations / associations

€UR 15, - for students against appropriate proof